Yeah Boy | Can’t Get Enough EP (Big Beat)

cd yeah boyThe talent here is undeniable, beginning with Castro’s voice, which is sexy and rich and dazzling.



Remember that thing about me hating EPs? Well, now I hate them even more. Yeah Boy’s debut has but three songs—and they’re so damn good, I am heartbroken and frustrated not to have more. This triumvirate of tracks is everything good music should be: fun, catchy as hell, groove-filled, falsetto-driven, well composed, and just plain addictive.

Yeah Boy is the side project of Parachute Youth front man Johnny Castro. If he were to ask for my opinion, I would tell him, grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him for emphasis, to walk—no, run—away from the band and do nothing but Yeah Boy for the rest of his life. That’s how good Can’t Get Enough is.

Remember last summer when Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” took the international music scene by storm, and rightly so? That’s how I feel about Yeah Boy’s “Can’t Get Enough”—and “Tell Me” and “Take It All,” come to think of it. Any of these songs could inspire a new love of music in anyone, no matter their taste. The talent here is undeniable, beginning with Castro’s voice, which is sexy and rich and dazzling. The music is artfully assembled, the perfect combination of keyboard, guitar, and drums, interwoven and interplaying, alternately swelling and ebbing in just the right place.

“Can’t Get Enough” is up first (or fourth, or seventh, or tenth, depending on how many times you replay the EP), with an electronic vocal bit that gives the listener no choice but to submit. Beautiful lead falsetto lines mate with the addictive, hook-filled vocal sounds, both playing house with a synth-driven beat that just won’t stop. Bright, shiny keyboard lines open “Tell Me” before giving way to dark electronica and a pointed guitar. When Castro sings, “There’s nobody else that I want next to me/ I could show you places that you’ve never seen,” you want nothing more than to see those places; if the music’s this smoldering, the places must be ablaze.

With “Take It All,” Castro uses his “mmm mmm mmm mmm”s to inspire in today’s ladies what Barry White did to women in the 1970s; truly, there is no sexier song of the summer. The fire may have receded to embers, but they sure aren’t going out. Castro’s beautiful lead vocals and a background lyric professing “I just need your love” seal the deal: You have met your musical soulmate. A+ | Laura Hamlett

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