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Willie-Nelson To-All-the-GirlsI love Nelson’s voice on upbeat tracks – it just works.




Here is what I thought of Willie Nelson’s album, To All The Girls… Remember, all scores are out of a possible 10 points.

“From Here to the Moon and Back” – What a great way to kick off this album. Two icons, Dolly Parton and Nelson on one track. A beautifully written love song, I would hope that this is the song my grandparents would have sung in their later years — no offense Willie and Dolly. I love when Parton whispers her lyrics — pure magic. Score: 9

“She was No Good for Me” – The tempo of this ballad, featuring Miranda Lambert, was just no good for me. Sluggish and depressing, I didn’t really care for this track. Score: 4

“It Won’t be Very Long” – Nelson invited The Clark Sisters for this track, and their flawless harmonies made me really happy. Upbeat and cheery, I really liked this song overall. I just wish it had been longer; it felt too short. Score: 8

“Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends” – Where I took off points before for a slow as molasses track, I have to reward it on this track. Rosanne Cash’s voice give me life. The sound of her voice almost brought a tear to my eye. Her vocals blended with Nelson’s perfectly. I wish this story had never ended. Score: 10

“Far Away Places” – I loved two of three elements of this song – Nelson’s voice and the music arrangement. What I didn’t love was the tone of Sheryl Crow’s voice; I didn’t even recognize her signature sound. Score: 7

“Bloody Mary Morning” – Let me be frank — I am a huge fan of Wynonna Judd. But on this track, I felt like her and Nelson’s voice were like oil and vinegar; they just didn’t mix. Again, I barely recognized Judd’s signature voice — a huge letdown. Score: 3

“Always On My Mind” – A legendary track — I remember listening to the LP to this song on my mother’s hi-fi stereo back in the day. But here’s the deal, Nelson’s phrasing seemed to be off. Carrie Underwood saved this track with her top notch vocals. Her voice kind of gives me life as well. Her pure vocals saved this track from my scorn. Score: 7

“Somewhere Between” – Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson. What can I say about these two mythical performers? It’s almost as if their voices are yin and yang. I was hooked from the first verse, and I adored every moment of this track — a highlight of the album. Score: 10

“No Mas Amor” – Nelson’s vocals came off a bit dry on this saucy track. Conversly, Alison Krauss’ vocals gave this track a light, airy quality. Nelson got out sang by Krauss on this somewhat memorable track. Score: 6

“Back to Earth” – This is what I call a 50/50 track. Nothing bad, but nothing outstanding. Melonie Cannon’s vocals were pleasant but not very memorable. Score: 5

“Grandma’s Hands” – What I love about this track is the texture of Mavis Staples’ voice. I could listen to her read me government regulations and still enjoy the experience. Nelson’s texture works nicely with Staples’, creating a very enjoyable song. Score: 9

“Walkin’” – Well hello Norah Jones — how I have missed your voice. Another standout track with excellent vocals from both performers. There is just something about Jones’ voice that makes my soul come alive. Her breathless vocals compliment Nelson’s flawlessly on this track. Score: 10

“Till the End of the World” – A fun and playful track. Shelby Lynne’s vocals are stand out as are Nelson’s. I love Nelson’s voice on upbeat tracks – it just works. Score: 8

“Will You Remember Me” – A somewhat boring track saved only by Lily Meola’s fresh vocals. This track is forgettable and feels like filler. Score: 6

“Dry Lightning” – A completely forgettable track. Nothing here to pique my interest or make me want to listen to it again. I was even bored with Emmylou Harris’ vocals. Score: 3

“Making Believe” – Nelson invited Brandi Carlile to perform on this track. Nicely done, but a bit safe for my taste. Another 50/50 track. Score: 5

“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” – Normally, I get annoyed when someone puts a spin on a classic track. But in this instance, I was totally hooked. Paula Nelson’s and Willie Nelson’s vocals gave new life to this track. I loved the phrasing and the arrangement. Score: 9

“After the Fire is Gone” – Tina Rose kind of impressed me with her vocals. The lyrics are fairly catchy, but overall, I was not really impressed with this track. Score: 5

Average Track Score: 6.8 Would I recommend this to my friends? Probably not. I have mad respect for Nelson and his legacy, but the hits were too few to make me want to go out and buy this album. | Jim Ryan @draglover




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