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Music compilations can often feel like sifting for gold. You are lucky to find a few good nuggets and leave the rest alone. NY2LON has avoided this typical frustration, presenting 18 worthy tunes from mostly U.K. artists for our Yankee ears to explore.

Resonating upon first listen are the Hong Kongs’ “No Imagination,” the Subways’ “RockNRollQueen,” and the Cribs’ “Hey Scenesters!” The Ordinary Boys’ “Little Bubble” also stood out, with nice melodies and classic British indie-rock guitars, the Ordinary Boys are destined for good things. Sandwiched nicely in the middle and providing a dash of the slow stuff is a Two Gallants tune called “Anna’s Sweater.”

NY2LON succeeds in its mission of exposing the American music fan to some excellent, upcoming talent from both sides of the water. Cheers!

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