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Ursa 75Ursa Major is a group to keep an eye on, without a doubt.




Local St. Louis band Ursa Major released their newest album, L’appel Du Vide, on Aug. 29, 2015. The band’s style combination of rap and rock is perfectly represented on this EP. The five tracks show off the hard work put into them with the most impressive aspect being the lyrics. There is a depth to them that is hard to find in other music.

Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware they are dreaming, as if watching themselves sleep in an out-of-body experience. L’appel Du Vide’s first track, appropriately named “Lucid,” takes this idea and spins it in the direction of life in general. An internal battle is occurring, and while aware of it, it cannot be stopped. The lyrics are relatable and well put together. They really dig deep into the raw emotions one feels in life and the song beautifully illustrates them.

“Let It Speak” has a spoken word style to it that is very refreshing compared to other kinds of rap styles. There is a little bit of screaming at the end, but in good taste. There is a fine line with that type of singing, but Ursa nails it. They execute their style perfectly to reflect the passion in their words, making the song great for reasons beyond instruments and lyrics.

“Numb Tongue” starts out with a soft guitar intro, followed by a sudden accompaniment of drums, more guitars, and vocals. The transition there is a little rough and the vocals do not totally match up, but once you get past that, it is very nice.

“Bridges” is another easy listen and the flow is very smooth. The vocals in the beginning are a little hard to hear over the music, but I personally like it because the music itself really shines. Their flow is almost flawless and even though their sound is soft-rock throughout a lot of the album, “Bridges” is very pretty to listen to.

The final track, “Singularity,” sounds like a really good jam session. The vocals are nice, and the music is really enjoyable. You can tell the band had fun on this one. It is the camaraderie and chemistry Ursa Major has that really makes the band work. Their talent, passion, and ability to perform are at a level many newer bands do not possess.

Ursa Major is a group to keep an eye on, without a doubt. These guys have a ton of talent and prove that in this EP. Their single “Last Day of Summer” preceded this release in April and really set the bar high for their future—a goal they have met so far.

Their music has the whole package—everything you could want in a music group. Because of this, it can reach many audiences. Between the content, the sound, and their presence, there really is something in it for everyone. A | Livie Hall

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