Until the Ribbon Breaks | A Lesson Unlearnt (Kobalt)

Until The_Ribbon_Breaks_Lesson_Unlearnt_75It’s a mellow, ethereal, downtempo album that can be enjoyed by fans of many different genres.



After teasing a few singles, remixing some popular tracks, opening for Lorde, and cameoing on Run the Jewels’ song, “Job Well Done,” Welsh band Until the Ribbon Breaks has finally released its debut album.

A Lesson Unlearnt is an amalgamation of electronic, hip-hop, rock, and pop, but it’s not pushed into your face. It’s a mellow, ethereal, downtempo album that can be enjoyed by fans of each of the genres mentioned. A major standout track is “Spark,” which you could find anywhere from a TV advert to the club. It’s an incredibly cool, versatile tune that is upbeat and optimistic. It reminds me of the Glass Animals track “Gooey,” but the lyrics are definitely more mature.

“Pressure” is another standout track. The very beginning is a little contrived, but let the track play on and it will reward you. In another mention-worthy song, “Revolution Indifference,” lead singer Pete Lawrie-Winfield gets heavy singing, “Politics, we never vote/ ‘cause you won’t hang yourself if you don’t choose a rope.”

This isn’t your typical debut album where they’re pressing all the buttons, using all the toys, and singing about their first love. This is a serious effort. It’s not heavy handed, it’s layered, and the lyrics are strong and resonating—all the things you wish a debut album would be. | Kiernan Scrima

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