Under Byen | Siamesisk (Paper Bag)

cd_under-byen.jpgIt’s as if Under Byen tapped into the same vein as Portishead.






Under Byen & The Danish Radio Sinfonietta deliver an album of almost indescribably haunting beauty. Their compositions shimmer with a life of their own, a trait made all the more potent by the fact that Siamesisk was recorded live at the Danish Radio Concert Hall. Henriette Sennenvaldt’s vocal stylings are reminiscent of Bjork’s subdued whisperings, while the band effortlessly conjures complex and dynamic arrangements. It’s as if Under Byen tapped into the same vein as Portishead.

The album kicks off with "Plantage," and the first fluttery notes give way to a somber melody that immediately tugs at the heart. The title track slowly comes to life as synthetic warbling augments the crisp strings section.

The final verdict: With only 2,000 copies of this album being released in North America, Siamesisk will surely be a venerated and much sought-after album for the music enthusiast’s collection. A masterpiece. A | Josh Vise

RIYL: Portishead, Massive Attack, Bjork

Under Byen can be found online at http://www.paperbagrecords.com/ and at http://www.underbyen.dk/

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