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cd tuxedoTuxedo transforms listeners to a simpler era of music, and has the potential to reach a wide audience.



Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One, the duo known as Tuxedo, merge the past and the present with their debut album, Tuxedo. When playing the first track, “Lost Lover,” I immediately felt nostalgic. It’s almost a throwback to the ’80s, combining smooth jazz, disco, and R&B, reminding me of the Motown music my parents would constantly play around the house and in the car when I was growing up.

While Tuxedo recalls music from a different time, it is not so similar that it would be mistaken for such. There is definitely a place in today’s market for this music, with the soft vocals on songs such as “The Right Time” crooning about love rather than meaningless sex, and beats that people can actually dance to, beyond the typical bump and grind of clubs today.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Tuxedo in its entirety. It is one of those albums you can play all the way through, without those two or three out-of-place songs you always want to skip. Tuxedo transforms listeners to a simpler era of music, and has the potential to reach a much wider audience. I would not stretch to say this album is for everyone, because it is genre-specific to R&B/jazz; however, it will reach multiple generations. I know my parents and grandparents would enjoy it, as well—and we typically stray away from listening to the same music.

Tuxedo also has a good mix of tempo, including dance tracks “Watch the Dance,” “I Got U,” “Roll Along,” and my personal favorite, “Do It.” The album also features slow, smooth listening tracks, such as “So Good,” “Two Wrongs,” and “Get U Home.” Whether you’re looking for dance music for a party or background music for date night, Tuxedo has the solution. This album is a fabulous display of Hawthorne and One’s talent and vision for their place in the market, and is a solid foundation to launch their career as a duo. A | Samantha LaBat

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