Travis Lee Band: Different

All we knew was that it was damn good.

Sometimes, when we have CDs piling up around us, we just slip them into the player without paying much attention to the case. If the sound catches our interest, we’ll go back and see who we’re playing, give it a closer listen. The Travis Lee Band fell victim to the unknown listening—and survived. Honestly, it wasn’t until the second or third listen that we realized it was Christian-themed, as well as local. All we knew was that it was damn good.

The Travis Lee Band appears to be, in reality, a family band—but then, TLB sounds a lot better than the Puhse Family, doesn’t it? On the opener, “Fly Away,” Travis Lee plays a skilled acoustic guitar backed by the ever-pleasing conga drum; Lee’s voice is sharp and strong, if a bit nasal. The title track is a rockier song with a fast pace and speedy strumming. On “Anchor in the Storm,” a gentle (though repetitious) love song, Lee intones, “I want to invite You into my life/Take all that is within me.” Other highlights include the danceable “The Tent” and the upbeat “Till You Remain,” which, at times, instrumentally seems to echo U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name.”

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