Trans-Siberian Orchestra | The Christmas Attic Double Vinyl Version (Audio Fidelity/Atlantic)

cd TSOHeavy and melodic, The Christmas Attic is a rock opera like no other.




Back in the 1980s, a progressive metal band named Savatage was working its way into the hearts and ears of metal fans. After the band went defunct in the early 1990s, some of the members of Savatage joined forces with composer and producer Paul O’Neill, and Trans -Siberian Orchestra was born. The band has been described as “Pink Floyd meets the Who and Yes at Radio City Music Hall.” TSO has sold over 10 million albums, and just as many concert tickets. They eschew opening acts, and have never been an opening act themselves. The Christmas Attic, their second album, was originally released in 1998, has been reissued, with a massive winter tour to follow. The band has never toured behind the album —available on CD or 180 gram virgin double vinyl (which is a limited edition, numbered album)—until now.

The Christmas Attic is the second installment of the Christmas Trilogy Rock Opera. The story is of a young child searching through the attic of an old house late on Christmas Eve. Poetry at the beginning of the album sets the story of the young girl, as “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve” swells from the speakers. Beautifully orchestrated and elegantly performed, the song blossoms as the album plays. Combining timeless Christmas melodies and tunes with original compositions and concepts, the story of the little girl unfolds. As she searches through an old trunk filled with memories of Christmas Past, she stumbles across a series of old letters and Christmas cards

Having been told by her friends that Christmas is not real, that adults do not believe in Christmas magic, and it is merely a ploy to make children happy, she sets out to prove to herself that Christmas is, indeed, very real.. Her idea is to stay awake and confront Santa, thereby proving her friends wrong. Whilst this occurs, God’s youngest angel is set to a task by the Lord. He is to travel to Earth on this Christmas Eve night to deliver a gift to mankind. Yet, the Lord states that the angel is not allowed to take anything from the Heavenly Realm with him to Earth. Confused but confident in the Lord, he comes to Earth, where he helps the small girl realize her dream of the reality of Christmas.

Heavy and melodic, The Christmas Attic is a rock opera like no other. No other act in history has achieved what TSO created. A Christmas musical for the Rock Generation, the live show is monstrously big, as it needs to be to support an album of this nature. Complex and moving, this album is a must for every holiday musical collection.

Vocally, the material is lush and ethereal, as the album features 7 soloists and 10 backup singers. Featuring timeless melodies like “Hark the Herald Angels,” “Angels We Have Heard on High,” and many more, the combination of traditional and original works makes for an amazing musical journey. Eloquently produced by Paul O’Neill and co-produced by Robert Kunkel, the songs transform time into a road traveled by Christmas memories.

Ownership of this incredible album is highly suggested. For vinyl lovers, this is a remarkable release, complete with a beautifully done lyric and story book. A | Marc Farr

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