Total Control | Typical System (Iron Lung Records)

Typical-System 75Punk and house music kind of mix.

Punk and house music kind of mix. To be fair, it hasn’t really been done before. That’s mostly because those genres don’t quite click together in the first place. Total Control decided to ditch the traditional punk sound they had on their first album and attempt blending those genres anyway. The resulting Typical System is a large departure from anything they’ve done before, which is good and bad.

This album has a definite angst to it, much like their debut album three years ago. But ideas change in that time, like the decision to incorporate modern trance and house influences. “Systematic F**k” holds one of the only traces of genuine punk on this album (the irony) — everything else has been electrified. However, I do think that fans of the band’s other material can find some good in this new style.

For example, you have the garage-band feel the band originally established. I’m glad that underground vibe is still around, it helps the band keep the raw factors that make punk rock stick out. But the monotone vocals that punk can get away with don’t work well behind a house beat. To put it bluntly, a lot of this album doesn’t work as well behind a house beat.

I’m happy the band is evolving. It just bums me out that so many people seem to enjoy the singles the band has already released. I want to like it too, but frankly I’m having trouble. I see the appeal and respect the band for trying something new, but their hybrid mixture fails more than it works in my eyes. C+ | Alex Wilking

Standout tracks – Flesh War, Systematic F**k

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