The Suburbs | Si Sauvage (s/r)

The-Suburbs-Si-SauvageWhen you keep it real and serve up some actual emotion, you will always impress me.


“Born under a Bad Sign” | Wow—I did not expect to have this much fun. The music is punchy, the rhythms are groovy, and the vocals are, well…vampiric. I am totally obsessed with the lead singer’s voice. I would be his Lost Boy any day. Score: 9

“Turn the Radio on” | Another fun, pop rocking song. Now I know why I like this band so much: They are so ’80s and I am a total ’80 s boy. The music is fun, the vocals are inviting, and this song totally took me back to my youth. Score: 8

“Dumb Ass Kids” | Neither the music nor the vibe were as fun as the last two songs, but the lyrics were. I didn’t hate this song, but I doubt I would listen to it again. Score: 5

“Where It Is!” | This one took a few too many musical twists and turns for my taste. I suppose it had to, since it was lacking in the lyrics department. Another filler track. Score: 4

“What’s It Like Out There?” | A completely pointless song. The first ballad of the album and it is a major clunker. I have no idea what this song is about and I couldn’t care less. Snooze. Score: 0

“Reset the Party” | Back on track. Fun music and fun vocals make a return. The only thing I could have done without was the secondary male vocals; I just didn’t get what they were trying to achieve. Score: 7

“You’ve Got to Love Her” | Another fun song in the same vein as the last one. When the band does this type of music, they succeed, in my opinion. The keyboards were a bit annoying, but those vocals will win me over anytime. Score: 8

“I Liked It Better When You Loved Me” | A very nice ballad. When you keep it real and serve up some actual emotion, you will always impress me. The song did seem to meander a bit, but overall a very nice track. Score: 6

“Si Sauvage” | A sexy song with some foreign phrases, as well as some spoken parts in this song. Normally, spoken parts of songs annoy me, and this is no exception. It just takes away from the song and is not needed. Still, it is an interesting song worthy of a listen. Score: 6

“This Monkey” | At first I was getting annoyed by the number of times the singer was saying the phrase “this monkey.” But then I started to get into the vibe and I rather liked this song quite a bit. It is interesting, introspective, and very well written. A nice way to end the album. Score: 8

Average Track Score: 6.1 Would I recommend this to my friends? Sure, why not. It may not be the best album I have heard but it is different and that, my friends, is worth its weight in gold. | Jim Ryan


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