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cd rev-horton-heatREV showcases a band with nothing left to prove, for there is no doubt that they are the kings of their genre.



The Reverend Horton Heat, psychobillies extrodinare, is back with a new album, a new record label, a new tour, and the tongue-in-cheek sense of humor for which it is known. Raw, unpolished, and chock full of catchy riffs, the band’s 11th album, REV, showcases a band with nothing left to prove, for there is no doubt that they are the kings of their genre.

With fans from Motorhead’s Lemmy to shock rocker Marilyn Manson, Jim “Reverend” Heath and his cohorts have delivered an album of the classic, riff-oriented rockabilly fans have come to love. Despite never having a hit single or achieving platinum sales, The Reverend Horton Heat have grown strong, and slipped in the back door of the mainstream of America. Heavy touring, especially in the Midwest, has helped the word of mouth to spread rapidly, while outlets like YouTube, and the internet in general, have fanned the flames.

REV opens with the surfer-based “Victory Lap,” a driving instrumental that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Smell of Gasoline” (a spotlight track) shines as a rocking remembrance of losing one’s virginity. Other noteworthy songs include “Scenery Going By,” an upbeat lament of the life of a rock ’n’ roll singer that provides an almost melancholy moment. “My Hat” is a big-bandish thumper with a Brian Setzer feel, and “Hardscrabble Woman” a melodic tune with a great hook. “Let Me Teach You How to Eat,” the first single and video, is a catchy, stuck-in-your-head song, with a strong, simple riff and bashing drums. If you are new to RHH, this is a great place to start.

Yet the punk element is always very present on REV, rife with psychotic energy. Shades of The Cramps, The Damned, and even The Misfits accompany classic punk guitar slashing, combined with a surfer’s vibrato and a country flair. REV is loud, raw, and tons of fun, The Reverend Horton Heat at its finest. B+ | Marc Farr

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