The M’s | Real Close Ones (Polyvinyl)

cd_ms.jpgThese four guys sound more like a ’60s British rock band than a current group from Chicago.







Unconventional. Experimental. Fun. Mellow. Those are the words I would use to describe The M’s new album, Real Close Ones. Without straying too much from the basic instruments, they were able to add something fresh to each song. A variety of percussion instruments, such as rattling and clinking, along with clapping and whistling, are used to create some unique sounds. This causes each song to have its own distinct tone.

These four guys sound more like a ’60s British rock band than a current group from Chicago. A few of the songs sound just like songs you’d hear on a modern-day Beatles album (if only they were still making music). The band claims to be part of the psychedelic and rock genres, and also have a sound comparable to The Strokes.

"Big Sound" starts the album off right with what the title hints at: loud drums and guitar riffs that overwhelm the distorted vocals. It’s a good song to pump you up for what’s to come. "Naked" is a fun, quirky song that talks about…you guessed it, being naked: "Naked in my room/ Naked in the grass/ Naked in the house/ Naked on a raft/ Naked on the couch/ Naked on the floor/ Naked somewhere else/ Naked in the kitchen again/ There ain’t nothing wrong with being naked/ There ain’t nothing wrong with being naked as long as you’re not alone." One of my favorite songs on the album, "Tryin’ to Keep," is a slower track with an easily likeable melody and clear vocals.

The standout tracks on Real Close Ones are the first three, "Big Sound," "Breakfast Score" and "Pigs Fly." With each track able to offer something different, this album is perfect for almost any moment, and anyone is sure to enjoy some aspect of it. A | Alex Bates

RIYL: The Beatles, The Strokes

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