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cd_metapuffs.jpgTruly great pop song, with tight harmonies. The lyrics are a bit twee. But Lane sounds so sweet, I don’t mind.







Two hours till I land in L.A. Perfect time to check out The Metapuffs from Chicago, featuring Tris Lucas (vocals/guitar), Candy Lane (vocals/drums/percussion) and Jon Collins (bass/backup vocals). According to their fact sheet, "a metapuff is the smallest conceivable unit of matter. It exists outside of time and space as pure potential." My BS radar’s going off, but I’m flying over Colorado right now, so I can’t Google metapuff. Fine. Twelve tracks. But I’ll just share highlights.

"Meanie Operator"

Spare guitar and drums back Lucas for a groovy, laid-back rocker. Sounds like a great show opener.

"Change the Locks"

Indie radio-friendly. Equal parts optimism and melancholy knowing. I love Lane’s voice. She pops in on the chorus with such a honeyed delivery. Reminds me of The Breeders.

"California Grass"

Yay! Lane on lead vocals! Track is reminiscent of a musical ballad. Which I suppose makes sense, considering Lane’s background. She joined the second national tour of The Phantom of the Opera right out of high school.

"Step Beyond the Dream"

More Lane. But now the musical thing is bugging me. Is this a musical? It kind of has that pacing. I can picture her looking up at stage light stars, smoke machine billowing. Okay, I’m gonna try to stop thinking about it. Concentrate. This is a nice song. Bittersweet.


"Starchild, wax poetic as dreamscapes slip behind the stars/ Starchild, don’t forget it, where I’m going is where you are." I would hate this song if Lane wasn’t such a great singer. "Starchild" could easily fit in on the Xanadu soundtrack. Not that that’s a bad thing. Olivia Newton-John has a kickass voice, and so does Lane. But we’re back to the musical thing, aren’t we. Hmmm.

"Keep Your Hair Long"

Anthemic. A much harder sound than "Starchild." This CD is really rather schizophrenic. Everyone drops out as Lucas gets political. "Don’t trade no blood for oil/ The problem’s at the top." Then it’s time for a ’70s guitar solo.

"No Quit"

Truly great pop song, with tight harmonies. The lyrics are a bit twee. But Lane sounds so sweet, I don’t mind.

"It Seems Only Yesterday"

Lucas starts out, and I’m okay with that. But then Lane chimes in on the chorus, and I’m sorry, but she blows him out of the water. With her clear, celestial voice, Lane could easily go solo.

The takeaway? This CD’s all over the place, with songs that range from adult contemporary to alternative rock. The band describes their sound as "retro-futro," which doesn’t sound exactly accurate to me. I’d call them "retro-indie-Broadway musicalesque." Listen to "Meanie Operator," "Change the Locks," "No Quit" and "Step Beyond the Dream" and you’ll know exactly what I mean. B | Rebecca Reardon

RIYL: The Hard Lessons, The Turtles, Olivia Newton-John

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