The Killers | Hot Fuss (vinyl reissue) (Island)

Rock ’n’ roll has always come across better in the vinyl format, and this album is no exception.

This stunning album from the Killers has been re-released on 180 gram vinyl. The seminal debut LP from the band, who hails from Las Vegas, reached a pinnacle of success upon its original release in 2004. The album spawned four successful singles, including “Mr. Brightside,” “Somebody Told Me,” “All These Things I Have Done,” and “Smile like You Mean It.” Their sound is eclectic, with shades of the Sex Pistols, New Order, and the Cure, not to mention others.

Not having been a fan of the band in the past, I took this chance to see what the rage was all about. What I found was an act that embraces its influences, yet still has a spin of originality. This album has sold more than seven million units worldwide, with more than three million in the U.S. alone. It has also been certified platinum in other countries, including Canada and New Zealand. Hot Fuss has also sold more than 10 million copies in the U.K., where it has been certified platinum seven times.

Reaching number 7 on the Billboard 200 Chart, this was one successful debut album. Their mix of new wave, melodic rock, and a pop sensibility made for an album bound for success. However, their influences are well represented, giving them more of a nostalgic feel, rather than a new sound. Whatever the case, the Killers do it well; there is definitely something special about this LP.

Rock ’n’ roll has always come across better in the vinyl format, and this album is no exception. If you are a Killers fan, the LP is a must for your collection; if, like me, you are new to the band, this is a marvelous introduction. B | Marc Farr

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