The Head and the Heart | Let’s Be Still (Sub Pop Records)

The-Head-and-the-Heart 75This band defies all labels and just makes outstanding music.

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Here’s what I thought of The Head and the Heart’s album, “Let’s Be Still.” Remember all scores are out of a possible 10 points.

“Homecoming Heroes” – The thing that appeals most to me is how comfy the music feels. It’s like a warm sweater that I just want to wrap myself up in on a cold night. The vocals are tender the singer’s voice is just as warm as the music. Overall, a very enjoyable track. Score: 9

“Another Story” – A very beautiful ballad. I was waiting for an emotional punch, and I got it at the end — thank you very much for that! Vocals were spot on, music was tender and delicious. Score: 9

“Springtime” – Ethereal. Beautiful sounds and beautiful vocals, but not a full song. This felt like an intro to “Summertime.” Score: 5

“Summertime” – I liked the first half of the song with fun synthesizers and quirky vocals, but the last half was boring and unnecessary. What a shame. Score: 5

“Josh McBride” – Let me start with the thing I did like — the music. Freaking awesome. Now let me talk about the thing I didn’t care for — the vocals. I just didn’t feel they were emotionally real. But the music was pretty sensational. Score: 6

“Shake” – I appreciate so much about this track. I like its curbed energy. I like the vocals. I love the lyrics. I love the quirkiness throughout the track. Nicely done. Score: 9

“Cruel” – Amazeballs. I love everything about this ballad. Was that a steel guitar I heard? Snaps for that! The instrumentation of this track is what got through to me; layers on top of layers — epic. The dual vocals were also a very nice touch. I caught myself waltzing to this song. Me! Waltzing! If any song can get my fat ass dancing it deserves top marks. Score: 10

“Let’s be Still” – A very beautiful, slow tempo track. I completely got on board with the lazy vocals and laid back rhythms. This could be my new stress management jam. However, the coda was a bit much and should have been left off. Too much of a good thing is not always a good thing. Score: 7

“My Friends” – Nothing about this track I don’t like. Flawless lyrics, excellent vocals and a fun, bouncy melody that got stuck in my head. Just a fun song! Score: 10

“10,000 Weight in Gold” – Another slow tempo ballad of sorts. Meh. Nothing really outstanding, but nothing really wrong with the track either. It just kind of left me wanting more. Score: 6

“Fire/Fear” – This band perplexes me. I like to put my bands in little boxes like Rock, Pop, or Disco. This band defies all labels and just makes outstanding music. So, I guess I am going to have to make a box just for them. This track went all over the place, and I went with it for every step. Great lyrics, fascinating melodies, and compelling rhythms. The only thing it was missing was a big finish. Score: 9

“These Days are Numbered” – A depressing, drawn out track. I really did not care for the vocals. They depressed me even more than the slothful melody. There was a harmonica solo and I did like that way more than the vocals. So, that is something. Score: 3

“Gone” – This track gained speed as it went along like a musical locomotive. It was interesting and almost epic, but it was just missing some crucial element to put it over the top. A valiant effort, but it kind of missed the mark. Score: 7

Average Track Score: 7.3 Would I recommend this to my friends? For sure. It is an interesting album with several great tracks. | Jim Ryan


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