The Gods Themselves | Be My Animal (s/r)

The ethereal world into which this album takes you is undeniable and quite original.

2017 sees the release of the highly anticipated third effort by the Gods Themselves. Entitled Be My Animal, the album lashes out at all the right moments. Astra Elaine (vocals, guitar), Dustin Patterson (vocals, baritone guitar, bass), and Colin O’Meara (drums, percussion) have unleashed a gem of an album. With a DIY approach, Be My Animal is on the edge of rock ’n’ roll, otherworldly yet just raw enough to achieve a punk-ish feel.

Starting with the erotically performed title track, the album wastes no time getting to the point. With the twinge of an ’80s sound a lá the Waitresses and the B-52’s, and a vocal touch of Ms. Debbie Harry, this release is melodically compelling and just on time. Yet their sound does not rely on the styles of the past. The ethereal world into which this album takes you is undeniable and quite original. The songs are sincere and well-arranged. Self-produced by the band, the resulting nine tracks are relevant and thoroughly enjoyable.

From the psychedelic tone of “Dance with Me” to the heavier edge of “Love,” this album oozes style and finesse. Elaine’s vocal style is reminiscent of the aforementioned Harry, with shades of Siouxsie Sioux and the like. Her escalated hilt is a perfect match for their sound. Combine that with a groovy rhythm section, and you get a recipe for eclectic rock ’n’ roll.

Their homeland is Seattle, a city known for its musical exports (Nirvana, Queensrÿche). If this is any indication of what is coming from the Northwest today, it may make the city a hotbed of talent, as it was back in the day. TGT shine brightly on this third release, across tracks like the narcissistic “So Hot” and the Blondie-ish “Tech Boys.”

This is one band to watch. White hot and filled with rock grooviness, Be My Animal is an album worthy of the highest praise. A+ | Marc Farr

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