The Few | Sleep Tight, When You Wake Up We’ll Be Gone (s/r)

They do not simply blend in; they rise above the rest with their dark sound.


I first caught St. Louis–based the Few at a local show that featured five other local acts. On a bill like that, it takes much more effort to be noticed; otherwise, the music all starts to bleed together, and can be a sonic mess. When the Few took the stage, I gathered interest simply because of their name: It’s simple, yet invokes a feeling of elitism. And then they started to play. Out of the messy sonic boom came a band whose sound was different. It had its own ambience, texture, and flavor. They did not simply blend in; they rose above the rest with their dark sound. The Few certainly attracted my attention, and I found them to be the best band of the night.

Now, after much anticipation, the band has self-released its debut album, Sleep Tight, When You Wake Up We’ll Be Gone, a nine-track opus that creeps slowly into your mind. The band has crafted a fine album of which they can be quite proud. On opener “Little Red Lie,” the riff brings the listener instantly into the world of the Few. Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Dom Goszewski pulls off a more-than-capable vocal: no screeching or screaming, but a rhythmic alto with a good tone, and imaginative phrasing. The dark and heavy sound of “Agent A.” will appeal to most fans. It’s melodic, yet with a unique sound, almost like that of a Nine Inch Nails tune.

Spotlight tracks include the aforementioned “Little Red Lie” and “Agent A.,” as well as the title track, with its rawer, punk feel. The mixture of the genres is well done, always with their own certain flair, as proven on the track “After the Tone,” a dark journey into a self-destructive, suicidal mind. Lyrically, the material is brutally honest and not overly fanciful. Simple, straight-up songwriting, one of this band’s strong points, rules the day.

Executive produced by Goszewski with help from Timmy Kosel and the band, the mix is terrific. They have captured a fantastic sound, with quality arrangements and melodies. The future for this young and talented band looks phenomenal; with the right push, they just might be a name to be reckoned with.

Closing the album is the uber-creepy “When You Wake Up, We’ll Be Gone,” with its baroque, sad piano and a spoken-word vocal reminiscent of “Loud, Loud, Loud” by Aphrodite’s Child. While the boys still have much to learn, Goszewski, bassist Tory Oberreither, drummer Roger Thomas, and guitarist Dan Bell have made an album of epic modern rock, a truly impressive debut. If your musical tastes include hard, modern, melodic rock, grab this album; you will not be disappointed. A+ | Marc Farr

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