The Dismemberment Plan | Uncanney Valley (Partisan)

Uncanney-Valley 75It’s like The Flight of the Concords got it on with They Might be Giants, and this band came out.


Here is what I thought of The Dismemberment Plan’s album, Uncanney Valley. Remember all scores are out of a possible 10 points.

“No One’s Saying Nothing” – Quirky — I like quirky. I can get into quirky. Vocals are interesting, and the lyrics kept me involved. But the music was what really piqued my interest. Any song that uses sleigh bells has my vote. Score: 8

“Waiting” – This one may have gone off the quirky rails — a bit out there for me, I still like the lyrics and the vocals. Very much in the vein of They Might Be Giants. Score: 5

“Invisible” – I can get into the spoken word vibe of this track. I also liked the layering of odd rhythms. The chorus was nice as well. Basically, my favorite track of the album thus far. Score: 9

“White Collar White Trash” – Hilarious. I loved the lyrics of this track. I think they named more white-collar penitentiaries than even I knew about. It’s like The Flight of the Concords got it on with They Might be Giants, and this band came out. Witty and fun are the two words I would use to describe this track. Score: 8

“Living In Song” – The music on this track leaves me kind of wanting for more. The lyrics are OK at best. This kind of feels like a filler track, and I don’t like filler. Score: 4

“Lookin’” – This track seemed to be in the vein of The Dead Milkmen. I love when lyrics tell a story. This was, to me, a beautiful love letter — tender and vulnerable lyrics and a great vocal delivery. The ending though is where this went wrong. It just went on too long and was totally unnecessary. Score: 6

“Daddy was a Real Good Dancer” – If there is a radio hit on this album, this is probably the closest track — by far my favorite lyrics of the entire album. Upbeat melodies and another fantastic vocal performance. Score: 9

“Mexico City Christmas” – At first, I thought this was going to be a stellar track. But as the track progressed, I became more annoyed at the lyrics and the music. The whining vocals and the industrial interlude just put me off this track. 

Score: 4

“Go and Get It” – An all round fun track. The chorus is fantastic, and I will be singing it for the rest of the night. I love the free, unpretentious spirit of this song. I wish more music was like this track. Score: 9

“Let’s Just Go to the Dogs Tonight” – My favorite track of the album. Top shelf lyrics and a fun and flirty vocal delivery. Really outstanding — I want to command you to listen to this one. Score: 10

Average Track Score: 7.2. Would I recommend this to my friends? Absolutely. My friends are the lovers of good music, and I would have no qualms about telling them how much I enjoyed this album. Jim Ryan @draglover

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