The DFA Remixes: Chapter Two (Astralwerks)

cd_dfaThe DFA crew goes beyond gimmick with its second gathering of remixes.






Although a few tracks too closely resemble something from an LCD Soundsystem album (what with the cowbells and the slap bass), the DFA crew goes beyond gimmick with its second gathering of remixes. The overly hyper Junior Senior gets their "Shake Your Coconuts" funked down to a "Rollercoaster of Love" vibe, while Nine Inch Nails industrial-strength "The Hand That Feeds" is warped into a disco frenzy. And on a few tracks it's the very minimal remixing that makes a huge difference to a song. Tiga's "Far From Home" receives a wavering riff that complements the simple vocal line. Tiga might just change his video of walking in a suit through an animated set, to working out through it.

Individually, most of these well-selected tracks are catchy, crafty remixes. As an album, the change in vocals offers the most refreshing change of pace. Slow instrumental endings to a handful of the tracks could probably have been shaved off, considering all tracks clock in over five minutes long. If that energy had gone to one full track to highlight the DFA's softer side, the album might flow better.

Which brings me to ponder why DFA didn't make this album one continuous mix. Of course, the remixes in their original form would have to be found elsewhere, but music collectors know to either pick and choose, or shell out the cash. Oh well, now that I have the DFA remix of "Slide In" by Goldfrapp, that's one less import single I have to buy. B | Kate Estwing

RIYL: LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Out Hud

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