The Dangerous Summer | Golden Record (Hopeless)

dangeroussummerThe songs all start running together, seeing how the musical tone rarely changes.


“Catholic Girls” | The first 26 seconds of the song need to go, but otherwise this is a very good angst rock song. I liked the energy and the vocals, but the first half-minute are rather pretentious. Score: 7

“Sins” | What I like most about this rocker is the passion in the vocals. I am a sucker for emotionally real vocals. I also like the texture of the music. This is a standout track. Score: 9

“Drowning” | Wow – the music on this track is bewitching. I like that this band is not all about the vocals, but also about excellent musicianship. Nothing wrong with the vocals, but it was the guitar that is the star of this track. Score: 9

“Knives” | Another fun track. Once again, the passion of the vocals is what sold me on this one. It almost falls into the filler track category, but those vocals make it fun to hear. Score: 6

“Honesty” | I am digging the vibe of this band. It is easy to listen to this kind of music – the vocals are genuine and the music is compelling. Not that they over overly original, but I can spot fake emotions a mile away. This band is pouring their heart and soul into every rocking track. Score: 8

“We Will Wait in the Fog” | The lyrics may be too juvenile for my taste, but the music is interesting enough. Are they using some kinds of bells? If so, snaps for that. Score: 7

“Miles Apart” | I was hoping this ballad – of sorts – was going to be amazing. But the phrasing of the vocals is quite annoying. I don’t think I would go back to this one again. Score: 3

“Into the Comfort” | This is why I shouldn’t listen to a whole album at one time. The songs all start running together, seeing how the musical tone rarely changes. Another decent song, but quickly forgettable. Score: 5

“I’m So Pathetic” | The energy is undeniable on this track, but I have heard this all before. Show me some diversity boys! Also, do you think the feedback at the end of the song is cool? Its not. Score: 4

“Anchor” | If there is a radio hit on this album, this would be the one. Great energy, fun music and catchy hooks. Score: 9

There are some remixes and acoustic versions of songs on this album, but like Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Average Track Score: 6.7 Would I recommend this to my friends? Probably. There are enough gems on this album to warrant a recommendation, but I would like to hear some different things from the boys. | Jim Ryan


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