The Casket Girls | Night Machines (Graveface)

Phaedra and Elsa Greene have spun a baroque vocal web on this release.


The chilling vocal duo known as the Casket Girls are out of the coffin and back in action, having released their third full-length album, Night Machines. Phaedra and Elsa Greene have spun a baroque vocal web on this release. And while dissonance may rule the day here, there are some very catchy vocals and harmonies on this platter. The album opens on a strong note with the track “24 Hours,” a cacophony of sounds and eerie harmonies. This is the Casket Girls doing what they do best. They have not abandoned that hollow, misplaced sound that makes them who they are.

Musician, composer, and producer Ryan Graveface pens all the music on the album, just as he did on its predecessor True Love Kills The Fairytale, as well as on the Girls’ debut album, Sleepwalking. Yet the lyrical content and all the vocals are written by the Greenes themselves. Such a combination makes for an album that, while not entirely fresh when compared to what has come before it, holds its own. Songs like “True Believers” may seem un-followable at first, especially to new listeners; however, the album as a whole is unique and relevant.

Vocally, the Casket Girls seem to have grown a bit. Their odd vocal harmonies are not quite as precise as on previous releases, but they are über-creative. Spotlight tracks include the opening song,”24 Hours”; “Sixteen Forever,” an ode to the age; and “Mermaid Cottage,” an eclectic song, which is not so reliant on a fancy production. It does seem that some are the tunes here are sans the whimsy of their previous recordings, and perhaps taken either too seriously, or not seriously enough. Yet, overall, the Casket Girls give a good performance here.

While not for everyone, this album is appealing in a strange way. It chills the listener in a manner all its own. C+ | Marc Farr

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