The Barnacles: Inland & Otherwise

a flavorful mix of alt-country, pop, and rock The Barnacles are a talented band. Their new self-produced CD, Inland & Otherwise, is their first full-length album. The disc, a flavorful mix of alt-country, pop, and rock, has several amazingly good songs. “She’s Fine” opens the CD and has an infectious beat that easily takes you over. “Radio” sounds like a classic alt-country song from the ’80s.

The band boasts that all three members sing lead and each does, quite well. When they harmonize, as on “Tide Beckons Me” or “Third Degree Burn” they impress even more. The three—Brian Olen Spencer (guitars, vocals), Randy Belt (bass, vocals), and Kevin Hartman (guitars, vocals)—each have writing credits on the CD and each have songs that show a lot of promise.

The album has a few dry points where you can hear that something is missing, either in the production or writing. But there is certainly a great deal more good on this disc than not so good. This CD is not Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by any stretch of the imagination; however, this band is capable of producing something great. Inland & Otherwise is a remarkable start toward that greatness.

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