Tenement | Bruised Music Vol. One (Burger)

This album truly captures the essence of what it meant to be a punk band in the millennium.



The evolution of punk is a long and winding history, jutting off and splitting into different subgenres of the rock genre. Bruised Music Vol. One takes a short look at that evolution, diving specifically into the releases of Tenement, a hardcore pop-punk band out of Wisconsin. This album captures many different singles and pieces of EPs in Tenement’s history from 2006 to2009.

Bruised Music Vol. One defines hardcore, taking influence from 1980s California and the ’90s Midwest punk rock. Fast-paced guitar licks, crazy drum beats, and harsh, painful lyrics are all on this album, don’t worry. “Icepick,” probably one of the most recognizable songs from the disc, is a prime example of Tenement’s mix of hardcore, punk, and pop-punk hooks. This track truly captures the essence of what it meant to be a punk band in the millennium.

After listening to the full release, it’d be surprising to know that none of tracks were meant to be on the same album. The cohesiveness of Bruised Music outdoes many other true albums by other bands, in which each song sounds disjointed and off. But Tenement’s three years of releases keep the same pace and angst as when the band started. However, the cohesion does take attention away from the songs as individuals. The 10 tracks on the album sort of blend together, creating one dark punk rock crux. It isn’t until the last 10 minutes of the album that the songs start to shine on their own—and there is the evolution. B+ | Vella Mour 


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