Tegan and Sara | Get Along (Warner Bros.)

cd tegan and saraThe subtle interpretation of these songs is clearly a winner.


 “It’s awesome. I like it.” While I was fighting the urge to start this review with those words, I’ve finally decided to give up and say it. And it’s the truth. Get Along, Tegan and Sara’s latest release is great. The 14 tracks—recorded live in Vancouver in 2010—contain at least one song from every studio album, and the performances are stripped down versions of true fan favorites. That might be one of my favorite things about Get Along: The songs they chose to include are not necessarily the popular or well-known ones, but ones that you’ll appreciate if you’re familiar with their discography.

Now don’t let that discourage you if you happen to be new to Tegan and Sara. I also happen to think that it’s a great starter album, since it is so stripped down and simple. The listener is given a real chance to receive the lyrics, and the Canadian twins are able to showcase their voices in a way I can’t recall having heard.

This recording also has more of an intimate feeling than a normal live T&S show. There is minimal crowd reaction included and the girls’ normal between-song banter is nowhere to be found. Again, I think it works in the listener’s favor because it takes away any distractions. Since Get Along features nothing but two-part vocal harmonies, an acoustic guitar, and the occasional piano and maracas, the listener has no choice but to pay attention. For me, the subtle interpretation of these songs is clearly a winner. A | Nicole Madden


Get Along comes with a companion DVD and showcases the following:

  1. Alligator (Sainthood, 2009)
  2. I Know I Know I Know (So Jealous, 2006)
  3. Monday Monday Monday (If It Was You, 2002)
  4. I Hear Noises (If It Was You)
  5. Night Watch (Sainthood)
  6. Back In Your Head (The Con, 2007)
  7. Divided (Under Feet Like Ours, 1999)
  8. Call It Off (The Con)
  9. Relief Next To Me (The Con)
  10. The Ocean (Sainthood)
  11. Nineteen (The Con)
  12. Knife Going In (The Con)
  13. Not With You (This Business of Art, 2000)
  14. I Won’t Be Left (So Jealous)
  15. Sentimental Tune (Sainthood)

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