Teen Daze | Morning World (Paper Bag)

teendaze 75There is just something that’s missing from the music. I’m left wanting more passion.

Morning World, the newest full-length album from Teen Daze, was recorded in six days and mixed in four—a total creation period of 10 days. I hate to say that although I’m impressed, I’m not surprised it didn’t take long to create. The album was missing a lot for me.

I will say that indie music is not usually my favorite genre, but I wanted to give Morning World a listen as an attempt to broaden my music horizon. I’m opening my ears to new sounds and opening my mind to new concepts. Unfortunately, this certainly isn’t the album that is going to have me rooting for indie bands.

Let’s not start off this review too sour, though. There are some positive things about this album. Every song definitely feels vulnerable and honest. I like the intro song “Valley of Gardens” because the violin seems to take you to another place. I enjoyed “Infinity,” and I was entranced by the closing track, “Good Night.” No other songs stood out to me, though. Nearly every song on the album sounds the same; there’s no distinction from one track to the next. The song titles are more exciting than the actual songs.

The entirety of the album sounds like the soundtrack to an indie film. While this isn’t a bad thing, at the same time, it doesn’t make me want to listen to it on repeat. About halfway through, I was getting bored.

I guess Teen Daze is a good name for the band, because this album sounds like the background music for teenagers smoking pot in their backyards and watching the stars in a daze. Hence, Teen Daze. I’m not sure that was the intention, though.

Jamison, the person behind Teen Daze, has a voice so light that it seems almost uncaring. There’s just no passion behind his vocals. And I know certain vocalists have a soft voice, and that the music itself is soft. But just because it’s soft doesn’t mean it should be passionless, and I was missing that fire. The lyrics that were given, however, were very beautiful at times.

I’m not hating on this album, I’m really not. That’s not my intention. There is just something that’s missing from the music. I’m left wanting more passion. C- | Emily Van de Riet

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