Sybris | Into the Woods (ADA)

cd_sybris.jpgYou’ll find yourself trying to sing along to without even knowing the words.







Sybris’ sophomore LP, Into the Woods, pulls you in and never lets you down. Its dynamic songs and interesting tempo changes make this a very likeable album.

The album begins slow and quiet with its intro, "The Beach," only to quickly transition to more upbeat and head-bobbing songs. "Oh Man!" is probably the best track on the album with its catchy rhythm and lyrics. "Hot metal’s hot when you touch it/ Got nothing but bullets in my pocket/ Oh God I want some heat," the lyrics say. Another one you’ll find yourself trying to sing along to without even knowing the words is "Burnout Babies."

The album shifts between mostly fast-paced songs and some more mellow songs that, despite the overall upbeat sound of the album, are intriguing. "Got Nothing" is the first track to slow the pace down a bit. The tempo and lyrics reflect the depths of Sybris’ songwriting. It says, "When I’ve got nothing/ and I’ve got it all the time/ and it runs through my veins."

Into the Woods is a fun album that rarely has a dull moment. While many of the songs have a similar sound, Sybris is able to pull it off and still make every track a good listen. A- | Alex Bates

RIYL: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wolf Parade

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