Switchfoot | Fading West (lowercase people/Atlantic)

SwitchfootFadingWest 75Would I recommend this to my friends? Probably. There is enough good music on here to warrant a recommendation.


“Love Alone Is Worth The Fight” – The music on this one is pretty enjoyable as is the chorus. But the main vocals border on rap/singing and in my book that needs to go. Score: 6

“Who We Are” – This is a pretty enjoyable track. Uplifting music and fun vocals make this one easy on the ears. Score: 8

“When We Come Alive” – Another decent track full of great music and a memorable chorus. Its just the main vocals that left me wanting for more. Score: 7

“Say It Like You Mean It” – The funky groove on this one spoke to me. It took me back to the 90’s – which is a good thing. Score: 9

“The World You Want” – The lyrics in the song are somewhat spectacular but they come close to being super sappy. The tempo of the song does not do the the lyrics any favors as it nearly put me to sleep. Score: 5

“Slipping Away” – This song is dreamy and uplifting. I will use this song to pull me out of funks and bad moods. Score: 9

“BA55” – What a pointless track. Nothing here caught my ear or made me want to pay attention. Next. Score: 0

“Let It Out” – I feel like I have heard this melody somewhere else recently. It doesn’t feel fresh or overly original. The vibe of the song feels pedestrian and made me think of this track as filler. Score: 5

“All Or Nothing At All” – The lyrics of this song made my mangina hurt. Super sappy and overly sweet, the words in the song went a bit overboard. That said, I can totally hear this track on Adult Contemporary radio. Score: 5

“Saltwater Heart” – This track feels like a Katy Perry knockoff – and I mean that in a good way. The music moves nicely and gave me something to enjoy, but the lyrics lacked any bite. Score: 6

“Back To The Beginning Again” – A decent enough song. The chorus moves and the vocals are enjoyable. I just don’t think I would ever go back to this song. Score: 7

Average Track Score: 6.1 Would I recommend this to my friends? Probably. | Jim Ryan

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