Sponge | Stop the Bleeding (The Beginning Media)

sponge stopThis rocker is made for Y98 listeners. Keep doing this, boys—I likey.


“Star” | The repetitive lyrics made me a bit annoyed, but overall, a decent song. Score: 6

“Destroy the Boy” | A fun, upbeat rock song. Great energy and fun vocals make this track memorable. I can hear this playing on Y98. Score: 8

“Dare to Breathe” | A different style of vocals and a more laidback melody comprise this track. I can here this one on an easy listening station. That said, this track is completely forgettable. Score: 5

“Fade from View” | Musically, this track is all over the place. It makes it kind of hard to get a groove going when you change the tempo so frequently. The lyrics are good and the vocals are the highlight of the track. Score: 6

“Come in From the Sun” | I loved the energy and the vocals on this track. This rocker is made for Y98 listeners. Keep doing this, boys—I likey. Score: 10

“Before the End” | A perfect combination of hard-rocking rhythms and emotionally real vocals. I liked everything about this song from start to finish. Score: 10

“Dance Floor” | This is just an odd song. If they had left out the odd time signatures, it would have been more enjoyable. But once the groove got going, they added in these odd segues that threw the whole song off. Score: 4

“Time in a Bottle” | Oh, for fuck’s sake. This cover version of Jim Croce’s hit is a major miss, and the Transformer sound effects pissed me off. Score: 0

“What Were You Doing Outside” | Do yourself a favor and hit the “next” button on this one. Nothing to hear here. Score: 0

“Life’s Bitter Pills” | Not really sure what this one is all about, but it isn’t horrible. The vocals are OK but the music falters here and there. I loathe filler tracks. Score: 3

“Alcohol and Speed” | A solid rock track. Why didn’t they do more of this? This track has swagger and balls, two qualities I adore. Score: 9

Average Track Score: 5.6 Would I recommend this to my friends? Um, no. Sponge seems to be dealing with an identity crisis. I wish they would just pick a direction. | Jim Ryan


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