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Splashh 75You would never get the sense that they have been around less than a year by the way they sound.

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I was clued into Hackney, East London’s Splashh by fellow contributor Mike Rengel. He thought these guys were in my wheelhouse. He really is a brother from a different mother, as he was dead on accurate with that assessment. This is a young band; they didn’t fully form until the end of 2012. However, that band’s youth doesn’t diminish their sound in any way. To the listeners reward, I feel it actually greatly helps the band. You would never get the sense that they have been around less than a year by the way they sound.

Almost from the first 20 seconds into the album, one can tell these guys really dug their shoegaze … hence the reason for it being highly recommended to me. The fuzz factor on the guitar through most of the album is set to max. Like fellow fuzzed out guitar worshipers, Yuck, Splashh have embraced the core esthetics of the whole shoegaze movement, and made it their own. They do have a lo-fi sensibility to their sound unlike most in the genre that lean towards a bit more polish, and most importantly are not afraid to experiment with their sound. They incorporate elements of Britpop, American Indie, noise pop, and psychedelic rock to their sound; sometimes within the same song.

Surprisingly this does not turn into a cantankerous mess but gives you an enjoyable listen. Songs like “Need It”, “Feels Like You”, and “Washed Up” could easily end up as train wrecks at worst or filler tracks but end up being stand outs from their blend of sun drenched lyrics, fuzzed out guitar, and synthesizers. “So Young” feels like it belongs on an LP in 1995, yet it still sounds fresh. Never once does the listener strain to make it through any of the songs on the album as none really have a throw away feel to them.

Even if none of the above appeals to you [it should], do yourself a favor and at least give the track “All I Wanna Do” a chance. Hands down the stand out track of the album and will end high on my list of singles of the year. Trippy sunny lyrics about spending time with someone on a sunny day and just chilling out but wondering what it means and if there is more to it all. The dueling nature of the guitar and synths make this just a joyous, buoyant song that should just bring a smile to your face and possibly get your head bopping. | Mike Koehler

Just a stellar debut. A-

RIYL: Ride, Yuck, Jesus & Mary Chain

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