Soul Asylum | Change of Fortune (Entertainment One)

This album will not bring in many new fans—and will undoubtedly disappoint old ones.


The newest effort from Soul Asylum has hit the streets. Unfortunately, Change of Fortune is the work of a band that has lost some of its edge. With 12 tracks, the new album seems to be lacking in direction. In the past, Dave Pirner & Co. enjoyed a cohesive sound, something that is missing here. With mixes of a punk feel, a pop sensibility, and a soupçon of hard rock, the album leaves much to be desired.

Produced by John Fields and the band, Change of Fortune suffers from the wrong approach on the wrong material. It is unclear in which direction the band is trying to head, making for a schizophrenic result. Kudos can be given to the lyrical content of this release, but overall, it is humdrum and dry. This is by no means Soul Asylum at their best.

Spotlights, although limited, include “Don’t Bother Me,” an upbeat track with a cool hook; “Cool,” a funky, heavier track with a definite groove. and the title track, which proves that, somewhere in this confused album, lives a sound that, if properly captured, would do the band much more justice. As it stands, this release seems to hold no “first single.” There are too many ideas flowing at one time. Change of Fortune will not bring in many new fans—and will undoubtedly disappoint old ones. D | Marc Farr

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