Son of William: Deathwalker (Berzerkerrecords)

You’ll be ready to scream along to the lyrics after just one listen. There is nothing more exciting and rewarding for a kid than finding a great CD that their parents will not like. It is even better to find one that parents will not only dislike, but will no doubt be tortured by. Son of William fills this need with the angst-filled release, Deathwalker, a four-song CD packed with distorted guitar sounds, crashing drums, and tortured, angst-laden vocals that are hard to listen to without shaking one’s fist in the air. Anyone who enjoys a hard-edged, industrial dance sound will want to find a place for this recording in their collection.

Son of William once performed around England, but the band now makes St. Louis their home. The live show offers an elaborate stage show, a group effort complete with theatrics. The CD, on the other hand, is the work of one artist, Spence Harrison, who composed, performed, and produced Deathwalker. The CD is a great showcase of his talent, proving he’s a great songwriter and entertainer. “Your Reality Is My Insanity” and other tormented tracks are so hard-hitting and catchy, you’ll be ready to scream along to the lyrics after just one listen. Deathwalker proves that Son of William is very much alive, and hopefully here to stay.

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