Sixx:A.M. | Modern Vintage (Eleven Seven)

SixxAMNo less than stellar, this disc rages with emotion from the opening chords.


Now that the days of Motley Crue are seriously numbered, bassist and principal songwriter for Crue, Nikki Sixx, has a new project, and it rocks! Sixx:A.M. consists of Sixx, DJ Ashba, and vocalist James Michael. Their newest release, the appropriately titled Modern Vintage, is a disc of classic hard rock with a modern twist. No less than stellar, this disc rages with emotion from the opening chords.

Then again, one should expect nothing less from a rock veteran like Sixx. Having recorded the first-ever soundtrack for a book, The Heroin Diaries, the members had no intention of starting a band. But the fan reaction to the first Sixx:A.M. single, “Life Is Beautiful” showed the band that they definitely had a future.

Now, they bring us Modern Vintage. Anyone who thinks this is just M.Crue 2.0 would be dreadfully wrong. The first single from the album, the roaring “Gotta Get It Right,” has a melody and feel like The Sweet. Opening the album is “Stars,” a stadium-inspired rocker with a classic feel. The groove-infected licks of “Hyperventilate” will whip your head around. “Miracle,” a scathing yet melodic track, has a wicked vocal, coupled with a catchy chorus that leaves you reeling, especially since it started out as a Bee Gees sounding disco tune. As for spotlight tracks, this entire album shines like the stars they sing of.

One can only hope that Sixx and Co. will take the show on the road as soon as Motley Crue is over. This material is spot on and is just itching to be played live. It is not often that a musician who is known for a mega-popular band actually gets a second chance at the Brass Ring. Sixx:A.M. is the exception to that rule. Quite frankly, Sixx:A.M. is more enjoyable than Crue. A | Marc Farr

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