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cd Siena-RootThough its influences are obvious, Siena Root has enough originality to call its sound its own.




Coming to the U.S from Stockholm, Sweden, Los Angeles–based band Siena Root has released its U.S. debut, Pioneers. Dubbed “stoner rock,” this album is deeply influenced by the classic rock of the early 1970s; artists like Iron Butterfly, early Fleetwood Mac, and especially Deep Purple come instantly to mind. In a time when computers and technology are at the fore-front of music, Pioneers is a lo-fi breath of fresh air.

With compelling melodies and fierce guitar work, Siena Root works its way through blues-based jams, while still holding on to song structure. Produced by Sam Riffer (bass, vocals) and Love “Billy” Forsberg (drums, percussion, Theremin), the production is no frills and loose, allowing the musicianship of vocalist Jonas Ahlen, organist Erik Petersson, and guitarist Matte Gustafsson to shine through.

Though its influences are obvious, Siena Root has enough originality to call its sound its own. With virtuoso-like organs and a killer rhythm section, this band can indeed play, with a sound both focused and open. Fans of Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, and the like will love this album. Spotlight tracks include the album opener “Between the Lines,” with its killer guitar work and tempo changes; “The Way You Turn,” a classic blues jam; and the cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” which is only available on the CD version.

Overall, this is a cool album from a three musicians who do what they do well. B | Marc Farr

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