Sheryl Crow | Feels Like Home (Warner Music Nashville)

crow homeOK, we are back on the road to Hitsville, but not quite there yet.


“Shotgun” | This song has swagger. Sheryl combines her pop vocals with country lyrics and rock rhythms—a deadly combination. Great song to kick off the album. Score: 8

“Easy” | Let me tell you: This song is easy on the ears. Fantastic lyrics and that signature voice made this song crack the shell on my cold dead heart. Score: 10

“Give It to Me” | Excuse me, Ms. Crow, when did you start kicking ass? No, this is not a rocker, but a gorgeous ballad. Sheryl sings the hell out of the lyrics and her performance impressed me greatly. Score: 10

“We Oughta Be Drinkin’” | Attention: We are now entering Snoresville. This is nothing more than filler track. Slow and boring, this track needs to go. Oh, and Sheryl, don’t curse—it isn’t attractive on you. Score: 5

“Callin’ Me When I’m Lonely” | This ballad held my attention from beginning to end. Top-shelf lyrics and another fantastic vocal performance from Sheryl. I can hear this being played on WIL-FM and Y98 FM (country and adult contemporary radio). Score: 10

“Waterproof Mascara” | The writers of this ballad—I’m looking at you, Brad Paisley, et al.—need to stop talking to my therapist. It’s like they wrote the soundtrack to my childhood. And you, Ms. Crow, you need to stop singing to me like you’re my mama. This flawless ballad made me go fetal. Score: 10

“Crazy Ain’t Original” | Oh, look, my ticket was punched for a return ticket to Snoresville. Bland lyrics and tiresome music make this track forgettable. Sheryl’s vocals sounded as bored as I was during this song. Score: 0

“Nobody’s Business” | OK, we are back on the road to Hitsville, but not quite there yet. A fun and flirty song, I liked the vocals on it and the lyrics are above interesting. Score: 7

“Homesick” | Looks like we had to make a pit stop in Ho Hum Heights. This track seems uninspired and lackluster. There were moments that I was like, “Oh here we go,” and then they were followed by moments of “Oh, that’s a pity.” Next. Score: 3

“Homecoming Queen” | A beautiful ballad full of brilliant lyrics and emotionally real vocals. I think Miss Brandy Clark had something to do with these lyrics. I am obsessed with Brandy Clark and am so happy to see her join forces with Sheryl. Score: 9

“Best of Times” | I have to be honest: This song really didn’t hold my attention. I drifted in and out of the song mainly due to the music and lyrics. This is just middle of the road stuff and I am on a journey to find excellent songs. Score: 4

“Stay at Home Mother” | Another gut-wrenching ballad in the same vein as “Waterproof Mascara.” This one is as equally sharp and emotionally real. Well done, Sheryl—thank you for giving me a soft place to land. Score: 10

Would I recommend this to my friends? For sure. This album has so many high points that it will become a permanent fixture in my CD collection. | Jim Ryan


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