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SET-IT-OFF 75It’s obvious that the band members put as much passion into their acoustic songs as their traditional songs.




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As requested by fans, pop-punk band Set It Off released an acoustic EP titled Duality: Stories Unplugged following their sophomore full-length album, Duality. The EP includes five songs from Duality that have been transferred to acoustic versions, as well as one debut acoustic song.

The entirety of the album is a collection of raw, stripped-down versions of originally high-energy songs. Yet, the new take on the songs doesn’t hinder the energy of the band. It’s obvious that the band members put as much passion into their traditional songs as their acoustic songs. Not to mention, the songs transfer effortlessly from plugged to acoustic, and both are equally as great.

Lead vocalist Cody Carson’s voice shines on this EP, as he proves to have some worthy chops. His voice sounds like a perfect mix between Issues’ Tyler Carter (formerly from Woe, Is Me), The Summer Set’s Brian Dales, and Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard (all are compliments). But, Carson still manages to have an edge to his voice that keeps him original.

Now, I’m a total sucker for acoustic pop-punk music. But this EP really is something special. The band showcases its talent in every song, and that talent seems to just come naturally. The songs are fun to sing along to and are appropriate for anytime you want to hear some great tracks.

The EP opens with “Ancient History,” which is perfectly described as pure fun. Even though it’s an acoustic version, it’s still a pump-up song. We are then taken to “Tomorrow,” a teenage anthem that is perfect to sing along to. This is probably my favorite song on the album, although the original version features pop-punk veteran Jason Lancaster (from bands Mayday Parade and Go Radio), and unfortunately he is not featured in the acoustic version.

The third track, “Bleak December,” is good, but not my favorite. It’s a pissed-off breakup song, but I honestly like the original version better. Then starts “Why Worry,” which has a different vibe to it that’s hard to describe. It’s a very original song that is easy to fall in love with, especially the acoustic version. The harmonies in the chorus are fantastic.

“The Haunting” is the fifth track on the album and is an eerie breakup song. It gives creepy vibes from music box sounds, but unfortunately is probably my least favorite on the EP. Finally, we get to hear the debut song “Wild Wild World,” which is beautifully written. It feels like the band is right there in your backyard, jamming out on acoustic guitars and talking to you about the meaning of life. I would love to hear a non-acoustic version of this song to see what the boys could do with it.

I honestly loved this EP so much that I immediately went out to buy a hard copy as soon as I finished listening to it once. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the EP, but I did manage to grab a copy of the full-length Duality, which is equally as good. Overall, I thought this was a great effort from Set It Off that definitely succeeded. For anyone else who loved this EP, you can catch Set It Off live on the nationwide Vans Warped Tour throughout the summer. A | Emily Van de Riet

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