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Reina-del-Cid 75The album starts off warm and never really cools down.





On her sophomore release, The Cooling, Reina del Cid shows us her darker side. With a touch of the blues, a soupcon’ of folk and a country/rock sensibility, the album starts off warm and never really cools down.

Having penned all ten tracks offered here, del Cid shows off her song-writing prowess. Keeping things melodic, yet simple and approachable, the production compliments the writing by not being overly slick. This allows the band behind her, who have been with her for quite some time, to shine in their own right. Their dedication shows in their performance.

With touches of Melissa Etheridge, Suzanne Vega, and Beth Hart, del Cid is smooth in her delivery and holds true to her own vocal style. The album has a definite flow to it; although, the sometimes lo-fi sound could have been brought up a bit. Spotlight tracks include the album opener “Sweet Annie,” a song more on the classic rock side; “Morse Code,” an acoustic ballad sung in a sublime style, and the title track, “The Cooling,” which may come across as light but is actually a chilling, string-kissed ode to the slipping from life into death.

This is a delicious collection of songs. She even gets a little funky on the fun track “Xanadu.” Overall, The Cooling brings forth an aura of mystery and love lost. For a sophomore effort, del Cid has grown, as a vocalist and as a songwriter. Now she needs to hit the road, and bring these songs to the people. B | Marc Farr

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