Queen | Greatest Hits (Hollywood)

With its opera-touched rock sound, Queen rose above everyday radio rock.


180-Gram Double Vinyl Reissue

Originally released in 1981, the Greatest Hits album by iconic rock group Queen has been reissued in a double vinyl set. Harnessing the tracks that made Queen one of the most famous rock bands of our time, this release is a must-have for any vinyl collector.

The legacy left by the band is unparalleled. With its opera-touched rock sound, Queen rose above everyday radio rock, creating and releasing some of the most beloved classics ever to grace the radio. Certified Platinum eight times over in the United States with worldwide sales of over 25 million, Greatest Hits still shines brightly today.

Spanning the time between 1974 and 1980, Greatest Hits proves Queen’s music had a flair no other band had achieved. With all four members as songwriters, their sound was eclectic, yet rock solid and melodic. Songs such as the lush “Bohemian Rhapsody,” an ode to the death penalty, come across smooth as silk on 180-gram vinyl.

Rock tracks like the lusty “Fat Bottomed Girls” and disco-inspired songs like chart topper “Another One Bites the Dust” grace the album, and are totally at home with slower, more melodic songs like “You’re My Best Friend” as well as the passionate “Somebody to Love.” The odd track, “Bicycle Race,” comes alive here, and the poignant strains of “Killer Queen” bring the whole project home.

These 17 songs are a testament to Queen’s talent and songwriting ability. While the band continued to release hits until the untimely death of lead vocalist Freddie Mercury in 1991, songs like “Radio Gaga” and “I Want It All” prove the material here is the band at its very best. A | Marc Farr

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