Peter Cetera | The Very Best of Peter Cetera (Varèse Sarabande)

It’s the same great voice that brings chills and memories of concerts over the years.

I’ve been watching and listening to Peter Cetera since I was 10, when he was part of Chicago. I remember that voice of his, so clear and striking, and have been hooked ever since. Having purchased all of Cetera’s music until The Very Best of Peter Cetera was released, I had to hear it. What would it be like? How could they choose between all of his great music? The record company must have had a tough time trying to decide what pieces to include in this compilation.

The CD includes not only songs played on the radio and included in movies and television, but also other cuts from his albums that you may not be as familiar with, and that is always a good thing. It allows new listeners to hear more than just what they know; as a result, they may end up becoming lifelong listeners, or just have more appreciation perhaps.

The Very Best of Peter Cetera includes hits such as “The Glory of Love” from The Karate Kid, “The Next Time I Fall,” and “Even a Fool Can See,” to name a few. If you like Cetera and long to hear many of his hits on one CD, this is the one for you. With the same great voice that brings chills and memories of concerts over the years, this CD is certain to have a prominent place in your music collection.

I wish they had included “Living in the Limelight,” which, as you may recall, had been the big hit from his self-titled solo debut after leaving Chicago. In my opinion, that song led the way for what we came to expect from the artist and his wonderful voice, and it is sadly missing. Even so, get ready to sit back, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy the 14 tracks herein. | Mandy Dougherty

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