Parmalee | Feels Like Carolina (Stoney Creek)

parmalee feels-like-carolina-300x300Personally, if some guy was singing this to me I would be all like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.”


“Musta Had a Good Time” | I love when country acts mix in some rock rhythms. The lyrics are catchy and the vocals are fun to hear. Score: 9

“Day Drinkin’” | No doubt about it, this is a sweet song. The music is lovely, but the lyrics come off a bit too boring. Score: 6

“Move” | The first half of this song got back to rocking, which I like. But the second half of the song loses steam—and my interest. Score: 5

“Close Your Eyes” | A solid love song. Nice lyrics, mellow melodies, and those vocals that I like make this song a standout. Score: 9

“Dance” | I suppose they put this one on to appeal to the younger girls. I mean, is there anyone out there who doesn’t know a ’tween enrolled in a dance studio? Unfortunately for me, this comes off as filler. Score: 5

“Carolina” | This has radio hit written all over it. Fantastic lyrics and another stellar vocal performance. My favorite song of the album so far. Score: 10

“Think You Oughta Know That” | A very enjoyable song. I got lost in the vocals and the music is dreamy, but the ending left me a bit annoyed. Score: 8

“Back in the Day” | Another radio hit. But for real, boys, are you singing about things back in the day? Aren’t you all a bit too young to have a back in the day? Despite that, I did really like this upbeat song—and you will, too. Score: 9

“My Montgomery” | Nothing wrong with this song—well, except the very end. Why not just a fade out? I love songs about hometown pride and this one is very well done. Score: 9

“Already Callin’ You Mine” | I did not care for the lyrics; they creeped me out. Personally, if some guy was singing this to me I would be all like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.” But the music is catchy and my butt was shaking for the duration of the song. Score: 5

“I’ll Bring the Music” | This is what I am talking about. This song rocks and it rolls. I am dying to see this one live in concert. Score: 10

“Another Day Gone” | A beautiful song to end the album. Another song I was able to get lost in due to the beautiful music. Score: 10

Average Track Score: 7.9 Would I recommend this to my friends? Hell, yes. This album is full of hits and memorable vocals. | Jim Ryan


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