Our Lady Peace: Gravity (Sony)

There is a noticably heavier, more agressive feel to this disc in comparison to the four previous releases. After seven years of a relatively change-free existence, Our Lady Peace has undergone some significant transformations over the past year, parting ways with both their original producer and original guitarist. OLP recruited the production skills of the legendary Bob Rock (Metallica, the Cult) and the guitar skills of Detroit native Steve Mazur. “Between Rock’s great passion for music and the addition of Steve,” OLP’s singer/songwriter Raine Maida states, “the band has experienced a rebirth.” According to bassist Duncan Coutts, Gravity, the band’s fifth studio release, “marks a new chapter for Our Lady Peace.”

There is a noticably heavier, more agressive feel to this disc in comparison to the four previous releases; however, the 10 songs on Gravity do offer the listener some tasty, high-quality moments. Additionally, Maida’s trademark vocal stylings remain as pure and uncontrived as they’ve always been.

“Somewhere Out There,” the first single, is a tale of lost love (“I miss your purple hair, I miss the way you taste. I know you’ll come back some day, on a bed of nails I’ll wait.”) The chorus section has a very radio-friendly sound, and the song will probably continue its climb up the American charts. Other potential future singles are the opening track, “All For You,” which contains the great line, “I need relevance, intelligence, a new tattoo and a lot more sex,” along with “Innocent,” which is one of Maida’s personal favorite tracks.

The songs on this CD that will probably never receive airplay, unfortunately, are the ones that sound the best (which is often the case with many CDs). The haunting “Sell My Soul” and the drifty-feeling “Bring Back the Sun” are more representative of the band’s earlier material, which seems to be the style that ultimately works the best for them.

Lyrically, there is a predominant theme of optimism, forgiveness, and achieving progress throughout most of Gravity’s tracks. If that is any indication of the general mood felt by the members of Our Lady Peace, their future will most likely be a solid one, regardless of any more changes that may occur.

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