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cd now-nowOn Threads, Now, Now have a much more refined sound and show their age well.


I’ve been watching these guys grow for a few years. I enthusiastically embraced Now, Now’s latest album, Threads, especially after all the buzz from them being picked up by Trans Records in December.

Started by a couple marching-band mates in 2003, the Minneapolis group has had a pretty erratic past. Their bouncing around between labels caused many to fear they may disappear, but this album seems to answer those concerns.

And I was impressed. On Threads, Now, Now have a much more refined sound and show their age well. It was clear they didn’t rush to press on this album—much to the chagrin of their most loyal fans. There were a couple teaser EPs along the way: Neighbors (2010) was almost like a warning, that with the new name (they formerly went by Now, Now Every Children) would come a more thought-out sound. The Nervous Energies session, recorded with the three members sitting on a hotel bed, almost seemed a hat-tip to their old lo-fi ways.

Threads isn’t quite a departure; you can still hear the anguish. But they have certainly smoothed their sound out. “Oh. Hi.” is a great track with a chunky guitar that picks up nicely and maintains its energy all the way to the end. I have also been hitting repeat on “Colony,” mostly because the drums reminded me of the marching band-influenced sound that drew me to Now, Now originally.

It’s a solid album on its own—and I have successfully integrated into the shuffle of my NNEC playlist—but still, my favorites remain the grittiest tracks from previous discs. B+ | Tyler Cigard

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