Natalia Kills | Trouble (Interscope Records)

trouble nataliaThere are some successes, but a bit of editing would have helped this album.


“Television” | If you take away the very beginning and the ending of the song, you would have a very decent pop song. But those two elements kind of ruin the song for me. Score: 7

“Problem” | This song totally got my butt shaking. A great groove and fun lyrics. I deem this track DQW (Drag Queen Worthy). Score: 9

“Stop Me” | Everything on this track works. The music got my pulse racing, the vocals are dark and edgy, and the lyrics are superior. Another DQW track. Score: 10

“Boys Don’t Cry” | This song has a 50’s groove – well minus the foul language. Still, it is a filler track. A good filler track, but a filler track nonetheless. Score: 5

“Daddy’s Girl” | Any song that samples Hall & Oates is OK by my. Well, except for this one. The lyrics are OK, but the music is just plain annoying. So annoying that I don’t think I will ever listen to this one again. Score: 5

“Saturday Night” | Another track that fires on all cylinders. The music is interesting, the vocal delivery is awesome, but it is the lyrics that take center stage. I love emotionally real lyrics, and this song has them in spades. Score: 10

“Devils Don’t Fly” | I like how the music is a bit subdued on this track, allowing Natalia’s voice to be the focus. Her vocal delivery of these excellent lyrics is almost poetic. Score: 9

“Outta Time” | This song’s lyrics may be how her relationship is out of time, but I am out of patience with this track. Sa-nore! The music is boring and the lyrics are only slightly better. Next!  Score: 3

“Controversy” | A bunch of random words make up the lyrics of this song. That alone would annoy me, but the music is kick ass, which makes up for that fact. Score: 7

“Rabbit Hole” | This track annoyed me quite a bit. The whole vibe seemed overly juvenile and reminded me too much of MIA’s “Bad Girls.” I can live without ever hearing this one again. Score: 3

“Watching You” | Did this song ever decide to start? Natalia, if you thought the chorus was going to save this song you were dead wrong. Nothing to listen to here, folks; move along. Score: 0

“Marlboro Lights” | Natalia shoots for some emotional realness on this one and achieves it with limited success. In the beginning I was interested, but as the track drones on, my mind began to wander. Score: 4

“Trouble” | This song does have some merit – the chorus is catchy enough. But overall this track is a pass for me. Nothing compelling to make me want to hear it again. Score: 5

Average Track Score: 5.9 Would I recommend this to my friends? I am on the fence about this one. There are some successes, but a bit of editing would have helped this album. | Jim Ryan


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