My Chemical Romance | May Death Never Stop You (Warner Bros.)

mychemical maydeathAs the smoke clears, it seems this release acts as more of a tombstone than anything else.


Compilation albums are tricky territory. First off, you can’t exactly review one. Second, it’s safe to say fans of the band already have the music provided on the new release, give or take a new song. Most of those fans aren’t going to buy music they already have, the exception being die-hard collectors, which gears My Chemical Romance’s greatest hits album, May Death Never Stop You, primarily toward new fans. But as the smoke clears, it seems this release acts as more of a tombstone than anything else.

The album covers all eras of the band, starting from the attic demos of Dreams of Stabbing and/or Being Stabbed. The songs have been floating around the internet since the band formed. Hardcore fans may find immediate value in owning these demos, but the real value lies in looking at the past. These songs are of lower quality and admittedly hard to bear through, but comparing them to the band’s final works is its own reward.

MCR has provided a few unheard treasures on this release. Extra DVD content contains footage from the bonus track “Blood” and extended music videos. Yet most notable is the new track “Fake Your Death.” With a vibe similar to The Black Parade, the song is piano heavy and a great ode to the band’s legacy. Unfortunately, most fans will purchase the single by itself rather than the whole album.

The title for this final song is incredibly ironic. Is this greatest hits album a joke to create hype? Whatever the intentions of the band, it’s hard to not make a connection. This release can’t be judged on its collection of tracks, but the impact it leaves behind. And after 12 years of creating music, this album serves as a reminder of the impact the band has left and will continue to leave. B+ | Alex Wilking

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