Motörhead | Clean Your Clock (Motörhead Music/UDR)

Over 23 studio albums, 11 live recordings, and bootlegs galore, the band found a devoted fan base in the U.S as well as worldwide.


With the untimely death of Motörhead frontman and vocalist Lemmy Kilmister, the remaining two members have decided that Motörhead’s days are over. Despite there being no more new material to look forward to, the band has released the live opus, Clean Your Clock, capping over 40 years together. And while the band never made it to the top of any charts, they have sold over 30 million albums worldwide. They were on the edge of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, along with acts like Saxon and Iron Maiden. Yet, Motörhead never varied from their hard rock style. When asked, Kilmister always stated, “We play rock and roll.” More influenced by the London punk scene, the band broke out in the U.K. with their first album, Motörhead in 1977.

Over 23 studio albums, 11 live recordings, and bootlegs galore, the band found a devoted fan base in the U.S as well as worldwide. Now, they cap off their career with this new live album. Not relying on any kind of hits or best of material, this album brings true fan favorites to the forefront. Songs like opener “Bomber,” “Orgasmatron,” and one of the band’s biggest tracks, “Ace of Spades,” are performed with a vengeance. Kilmister’s punk vocal style never waivers; the band is tight, yet still as raw as they can be.

Oddly absent is the popular track “Iron Fist,” a hit for the band in the 1980s.Even so,the track list here is a Motörhead fan’s dream. With no overdubs, thus leaving any mistakes intact, it’s more about the feel than the technical ability of the band. The raw sound and power of the band are captured here in a grand manner.

While it may not bring in many new fans, Clean Your Clock is a good reminder of the band’s live experience: no-frills, gutsy, raw rock ’n’ roll. And that is what Motörhead was really all about. Their influence has been cited by many artists of their time; bands like Twisted Sister and the like are said to have been quite influenced by Motörhead, especially in the live setting.

Clean Your Clock may not be the last we hear from Motörhead; there are bound to be unreleased tracks that will eventually surface. However, if this is their last release, they have gone out on a good note. Lemmy and the boys have given fans a great piece of live work. B | Marc Farr

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