Miss Murgatroid & Petra Hayden | Hearts and Daggers (File Under Music)

cd_petra-hayden.jpgHearts & Daggers comes off like a film soundtrack.




Pop music has become somewhat boring; it needs a different approach now and then to remain interesting. Petra Hayden has proven again and again that she has the ability to twist pop into something truly special. Whether singing a cappella Who albums or collaborating with the Decemberists or Foo Fighters, she always beings her own unique voice. This album is no different.

This time around, she is teaming up with accordianista Miss Murgatroid (aka Alicia Rose) for the second time, the result being Hearts & Daggers. Their dreamy vocal and violin/accordion mixture makes for a truly atmospheric listen. They mix classical, baroque arrangements with pop melodies, all with an experimental twist. It is an extremely creative sound somewhat reminiscent of Grizzly Bear…if they were Renaissance bards.

Hearts & Daggers comes off like a film soundtrack. It is mostly instrumental tracks with a unique mood conveyed, all very foreign, yet somehow familiar. It is experimental, yet extremely grounded in pop conventions. My only complaint is that the songs kind of blend together after a while. Overall, this is a great listen for background music at small gatherings or working on a thought-provoking project. These ladies have created an unassumingly beautiful piece of chamber pop for all who care to give it a chance. B+ | Pete Wissinger

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