Miranda Lambert | Platinum (RCA /Sony Music)

Miranda-Lambert 75With so many fantastic tracks on this album, I think we will be hearing a lot from Lambert on country radio all summer long.


I didn’t become a fan of Miranda Lambert by normal means. I didn’t hear her on the radio, watch her videos, or learn about her through the tabloids. I learned about the country singer through Project Runway. Lambert was the focus for a challenge as the designers had to make a stage ready costume and an evening look for the artist. The program showed some clips of her videos, and I became intrigued. Her kick-ass attitude came through loud and clear. As I searched for her music online, the first track that came up was “Gunpowder & Lead”—I was instantly hooked. 

Some things I have learned about Lambert: She formed an all-girl group called The Pistol Annies, she took on a challenging acting role for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and she works tirelessly to help shelter animals to find forever homes. Being the proud owner of two rescue dogs, the last bit places her in a very special place in my heart. 

Platinum is Lambert’s fifth studio release.  I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle range of musical styles. Overall, the songs have a country music feel, but they each have their own personality. There are heartfelt songs, storytelling songs, and even a tribute to Priscilla Presley. I appreciate her showing her crazy side with some of the more comical songs, but I seemed to have a greater response to the tracks where Lambert keeps it simple. With so many fantastic tracks on this album, I think we will be hearing a lot from Lambert on country radio all summer long. | Jim Ryan

Best Tracks

“Girls” – The lazy tempo of this song is what got me hooked. The lyrics are strong and, yes Miranda, I don’t know nothing about girls.

“Smokin’ and Drinkin’” – I must have listened to this song every day since the album was released. This song makes me think of two people slow dancing in a honky-tonk bar as they melt into each other arms as the world around them disappears. It’s easy to get lost in this song as Lambert’s smooth voice drifts over the soothing music.

“Automatic” – This is one of my favorite tracks of the album. The song talks about a time when things were simpler. I completely identified with the lyrics. I adore how the music and Lambert’s vocals build as the song progresses.

“All That’s Left” – This song is a perfect example of how each song has its own personality. I am a sucker for a steel guitar, but what really impressed me was the clever lyrics and the swing/bluegrass melody. This track is a toe tapper for sure.

“Gravity Is A Bitch” – What caught my ear about this track is the unique musical style. It’s got a burlesque/vaudeville type of feel. The lyrics are provocative and Lambert’s vocals are uniquely pleasing.

“Somethin’ Bad” – Carrie Underwood duets with Miranda. What’s not to love? Both ladies knock this one out of the park with rocking vocals and a kick-ass attitude. I normally loathe country rap, but this one gets the blood pumping.

“Holding on to You” – This is my stress management song. When I get really angry I put this track on and all my frustrations float away. Super smooth vocals and top notch lyrics are the stars of this this track. This is another one of those songs that make me want to grab my sweetie and slow dance until the wee hours.

“Hard Staying Sober” – Oh girl, we have all been there. I can’t count the number of times I have gotten lost in a bottle while dealing with a breakup. I just wish this song was around during my healing process. All I had was Air Supply.

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