Ministry | From Beer to Eternity (Planet Records)

ministrybeercdDisclaimer: I am a huge Ministry fan.


“Hail to His Majesty (Peasants)” | Welcome back, Ministry. Where the hell have you been? This track is dark and angry—just how I like my Ministry. If this track does not get your head bobbing, there may be something wrong with your soul. Score: 7

“Punch in the Face” | Not much in the way of lyrics, but the music is super aggressive and crunchy. This is the perfect song to get those pits swirling. Score: 7

“PermaWar” | Did Ministry sample Obama? You know your Presidency doesn’t count until Ministry enshrines your voice in a song. A decent enough track: deep groove and political lyrics. Score: 6

“Perfect Storm” | Interesting: a song about climate change. A bit preachy, but this rocker drives home the message in a metal way. Score: 8

“Fairly Unbalanced” | Any song that exposes Fox News for the propaganda machine they are is OK by me. They lyrics are interesting and the music kicks ass. Score: 10

“The Horror” | A song about “legitimate” rape. This song deals with a very heavy subject that should not ever be taken lightly nor trivialized. The song samples Todd Akin, who was my personal representative. I had put his horrible sound bite far back in the recesses of my mind and now here it is again. While the song may not be my favorite musically, the subject matter makes it worth a listen. Score: 6

“Side Fx Include Mikey’s Middle Finger (TV 4)” | Parts of this song reminded me of tracks from A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste, but then it just goes for the rails into the land of annoying. Score: 4

“Lesson Unlearned” | I liked the female vocals on this track—but that is about all. The music isn’t that interesting and the song really doesn’t go anywhere. Score: 2

“Thanx but no Thanx” | At first I was like, “Ooh! Reggae!” and then the harsh lyrics started and kind of turned me off. I get where they were going with this one, but seriously, there are other ways to accomplish these goals. Score: 5

“Change of Luck” | There were aspects of the music that I liked, but overall, I just didn’t get the vibe. Score: 2

“Enjoy the Quiet” | A conceptual piece that I will never listen to again. Score: 0

Average Track Score: 5.2 Would I recommend this to my friends? Probably not. If Ministry would ever come up in conversation, I might be like, “Oh, did you know Ministry put a new album out?” But other than that, I don’t see how. | Jim Ryan


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