Milo Greene | Control (Elektra)

cd milo-greeneControl sounds like a major motion picture soundtrack, but does not need the motion picture to accompany it.



If you’re looking for some new music and haven’t heard of Milo Greene, this is definitely a band to look out for. Made up of five members, Milo Greene is named after a fictitious booking agent who produces cinematic pop music. I wasn’t sure what cinematic pop entailed, but after listening to their new album Control, the genre is crystal clear.

The album opens with “Prelude,” and in the first seconds I imagine myself standing in a forest at night, surrounded by unfamiliar creatures. As the track progresses, my fear becomes wonder, as I imagine myself exploring the new, wooded land in my mind. “Prelude” runs seamlessly into the second track “White Lies,” where I do not quite focus on the lyrics but instead see a montage of myself exploring the world set up for me in the first track. The band describes cinematic pop as music that would be heard in a film, and I cannot think of a better way to explain it.

Control sounds like a major motion picture soundtrack, but does not need the motion picture to accompany it. As a writer with a passion for film and television, I can see every track on this album being used in a movie scene. The music is so cinematic, in fact, that I find myself thinking more what type of scene this music could play during rather than paying attention to the story that the song is telling. But it seems to me that this is Milo Greene’s intent, and in that case, the band has most definitely achieved what it set out to do.

I particularly like how the five members of Milo Greene share the lead and background vocals rather than having one main lead singer, because it enhances the cinematic effect by not calling attention to any specific part of the song. Control is for anyone who likes pop and movies. However, I should mention for the pop fans that this album is not for dancing; it is for imagining and feeling. There is almost a ghost or dreamlike quality to the vocals that take you to another world, which is the idea of many films today. This is a new and innovative way to approach music, and I think it’s fantastic. I will definitely be keeping tabs on this band in the future. A | Samantha Labat

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