Miguel | All I Want is You (Jive)

It’s safe to say that his collaborations with artists who are also set to dominate in 2011 foreshadow an amazing year in music. 

Thank you, Miguel, for being the breath of fresh air we need in 2011. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. The first single, “All I Want Is You,” from the album of the same name, takes us back to that moment when we realized that the person we’ve wanted all along, we gave up for space fillers. Whether or not it’s too late to get him/her back, well, the jury’s still out but as Miguel’s lyrics say, “It’s hard to move on when you always regret one.”
Very reminiscent of Raphael Saadiq, Miguel executes each track with a special flair that combines dissonant elements. This is particularly evident on “Sure Thing,” one of my favorites and the second single. On it he serves us upbeat tempos mixed with ‘90s R&B emotion without annoying us, which is often a pitfall even for the genius voice of Saadiq.
The lyrics on All I Want Is You read like love letters. He describes an irreplaceable relationship with somebody who is a lover and a best friend, singing, “Even when the sky comes falling, even when the sun don’t shine I got faith in you and I so put your pretty little hand in mine.” And I speak for every girl who has a guy who feels this way about her, it is feels good to hear a man singing that “this love is a sure thing.”
Miguel made MTV’s list of artists to watch in 2011 and I understand why. His vocals and lyrics bring us something we have forgotten that music encompasses—passion. And it’s safe to say that his collaborations with artists who are also set to dominate in 2011 foreshadow an amazing year in music. 
Mr. Raymond, himself, graces us with his voice on the hypnotizing “Pay Me,” a track that forces any dancers’ body to respond. J. Cole spits a nice verse on the album’s title track. And despite singing through regret about love taken for granted, Miguel laces the entirety of this album with eroticism, as is evident in “Quickie” and “Teach Me.”
That being said, All I Want Is You could easily be improved upon. I want him to do more with his vocals. He sounds a bit whiney on “Girl Like You,” but I’ll put his inner-Keith-Sweat-fail to the back of my mind and excuse him for effort because of the bittersweet lyrics. An artist’s first album is all about trial and error, so hopefully Miguel’s upcoming release later this year will provide the variety lacking from this one.
Moving through the disappointment in lack of vocal variety, I find the two favorites that I surrender my ears to: “Vixen” and “My Piece.” “Vixen” is such a sexy song, and I’m reminded of being at a nice poetry spot, snapping my fingers ever so gently to lyrics like: “Let’s play a little game just between you and I / I’ll be yours in physical; you got to use your mind.”
On All I Want Is You, Miguel tells the quintessential, timeless story of a guy having the perfect girl, losing her and trying to replace her with meaningless flings, all to finally get himself together and win back the unmatched love of his life. Yay! for second chances. Maybe now he can amaze me with the second album. C | Ashley White

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